Sports Facility

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Sports Facility

Sports Facility
The British School in Tokyo
Kawasaki City Club House

The international school was established in 1989 with 70 students. Today, it houses over 1,000 students. They needed a large space for lessons, sports classes, and facilities such as changing rooms, offices, toilets and a classroom that could hold more than 88 students at any one time.


They also needed a semi-permanent building as the school had leased the land for 20 years.


We created a space with a large classroom, four changing rooms, washrooms and other necessary facilities such as water dispensers.


The client chose our mobile space over a traditional concrete and wood building for rich design features and the time and cost savings – costs were 50% lower, and the construction only took 3 months. The large room with FIX glass windows and the open deck on the second floor also doubled as an auditorium and gathering space for sports events.

93MS1 High Type, 9 units x 2 floors and 4 units x 1 floor

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