Iwate Prefecture, Japan

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Emergency temporary housing


Iwate Prefecture, Japan


Otsuchi Town, Iwate Prefecture, Japan


The disaster-struck area was in a dire state of emergency, and many residents had to seek temporary shelter. While it was imperative to complete the project as soon as possible, securing materials and finding human resources was difficult. In addition, the customer requested a product that could maintain its quality even in cold climates.


With regard to the procurement of materials, in addition to our existing network, we cooperated with Japan and the Iwate Prefecture. As for the gathering of human resources, we collaborated with not only the locals, but also craftsmen from all over Japan.

Using our past achievements and experiences, we were able to build 80 high-quality temporary houses that provide comfortable living even in cold climates, in just over a span of 1 and a half months.


160 units of CT-J

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