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Company office


MS BOSS, Sankyo Frontier’s company office




Custom-made to suit the client, this unit was particularly unique. We were tasked to build an office complex that exuded dignity and luxury. It was necessary to create a viewing deck on the second floor, and a space for a desk surrounded by the scenery of Mount Tsukuba. Our client is in his 80s, which makes it difficult for him to move up and down the stairs; we wanted to make it easier for him to move to the second floor.


On the external walls, we attached ceramic brick tiles and a marble pattern to create a feeling of luxury. Great attention was paid to the materials used – cedar boards were used for the ceiling, and pure wooden floorboards were used for the flooring.

On the side facing the viewing deck, it is made entirely out of glass so that our client could enjoy the scenery from the building’s interior. We also ensured that there was sufficient space to place a table at the viewing deck on the second floor. In addition, we installed a crank for the sash window by the indoor bar counter to create more space. An elevator was installed in the unit as well, so that the client could move around easily between the two floors.

* This project is custom-made. Please contact us for more information.


75 MS1 (4 units, 2 storeys)

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