By offering temporary modular buildings, semi-permanent modular buildings and real estate options, we open up further possibilities through out various businesses which increase the value of spaces.

Rental & Sales Business: Temporary Modular Buildings

Rapidly providing our customers with the spaces they need along with the functionality they require

Our temporary facility rental business quickly provides temporary offices and breakrooms for us at construction areas and in factories, as well as storage structures and other solutions required by our customers. Whether our customers are looking for a single unit or a large-scale structure, we will respond to their needs in a timely manner while ensuring safe installation.

Our sales business also provides break rooms, smoking rooms, storage areas, separate indoor units, and other small spaces that customers may require near their existing buildings. Whether it is a brand new unit or a pre-owned option, Sankyo Frontier has a wide array of products available which allows us to provide our customers with the right space at the right price.

Rental & Sales Business: Semi-Permanent Modular Buildings

Providing semi-permanent building solutions which can be flexibly adapted to changes in the business environment.

Our mobile spaces have been used in events as temporary spaces, allowing our customers to rent buildings at locations they want even for just a day. When the structure is no longer needed, it is returned to our company with no wastage.

We also provide other semi-permanent modular building solutions for various uses, such as company offices, restaurants and commercial facilities. This allows our customers to kickstart their businesses easily and with lower risk.

Real Estate Business: Self-Storage Facilities

Secure, comfortable and convenient, our storage facilities can be accessed 24 hours a day to serve as your second closet.

Our U-Space storage facilities are designed for storing items which our customers do not regularly use, such as off-season personal belongings and clothing, as well as company business machinery and documents. We own over 400 directly-managed locations which provide our customers with access to Mobile Space products, allowing them to make use of new spaces.

Real Estate Business: Apartments, Dormitories and Houses

Mobile living spaces reduce risk.

Taking advantage of the features that our reusable Mobile Spaces have to offer, we are striving towards the mobilization of real estate by creating a system which makes the management of apartments, company dormitories, lodging facilities, homes and other living spaces easier with lower risk. We are providing our customers with the advantages of Mobile Space - the flexibility and adaptability to various situations without needing to secure open land for building construction.

Plant Factory Business

Using industrialization to provide locations for growing plants in cities.

By using our Mobile Spaces to grow vegetables, we were able to develop advanced features to control internal temperatures, humidity, carbon dioxide levels and other environmental features. By making plant growing facilities mobile, it allows our customers to conveniently grow their own vegetables and utilize tank-farming techniques.