Meet The Team

Staff Testimonials


H (Left), R&D Engineer: I am responsible for ensuring that Sankyo Frontier products are strong, safe, and reliable.

As a team of engineers working together, we believe that we contribute to the happiness of society. As a team of engineers working together, we believe that we contribute to the happiness of society. I also appreciate our family-like culture, and the opportunities we get for individual growth and achieving our dreams. Choosing to join Sankyo Frontier Malaysia is the best choice decision I have made in my career.

F (Right), Project Management Engineer: I am involved in the research and development of new products for Asia. My work requires me to improve existing products, specifically the electrical parts of our units.

My job gives me the opportunity to be involved in lots of training for my self-growth. Sankyo Frontier has always taught and given me a lot of opportunities to grow myself so that I'll stay relevant in today's challenging environment.

Business Strategy

D (Right), Business Strategist: As part of the corporate strategy team, I conduct market research and come up with global strategies to help Sankyo Frontier remain resilient and adaptable in a post Covid-19 world. I also assist the R&D team with sourcing new, sustainable materials, as part of our commitment to combat climate change and global warming.


My work has given me many fun and eye-opening opportunities, and I am grateful for the trust and faith the management team has put in me.

B (Left), Business Strategist: In the two years I have worked here, it has been rewarding and enjoyable. I research market factors, analyse findings and create a competitive strategy to achieve growth for the company. I also provide support for the management of accounts and audits in the Singapore Branch.


The management team is supportive and encourages fresh graduates to pick up new skills and provides guidance through mentorship.


Here, I have had the opportunity to work with a global team, and experience new cultures.


S, Marketing Executive: Everyone on the team is keen to help each other achieve more, be it in personal or business goals.

Sankyo Frontier is unique in the care they take to know you as a person during the in-depth recruitment process. They are also a strong believer in education for all staff, new and old.

I focus on real estate market research to further our business plans.

I also collaborate often with other departments, like digital marketing and business strategy. This ensures we can create even better ideas together!